Adventure Combos

FREE go pro rental INCLUDED!!!

Brave Chiken

1/2 day ENDURO dowhill

1 Day
2 Adventures!


Price: 295.000 COP
Aprox: 71.9 (US)

(minimum 3 people)

The Ball Buster

Horseback riding
Mini-motor bike racing
1/2 day ENDURO Dowhill

2 Day
4 Adventures!


Price: 590.000 COP
Aprox: 143.9 (US)

(minimum 3 people)

Adrenaline Junkie

2000m Descent
Horseback riding
Mini-motor Bike Racing
1/2 day ENDURO dowhill

3 Days
5 Adventures!


Price: 795.000 COP
Aprox: 193.7 (US)

(minimum 3 people)


What’s up with Medellin

Twenty-eight years ago, Medellín was the most dangerous city on earth.

The need for change was urgent. Such extreme conditions led to a huge urban experimentation and organization.

As divided as it was, where the establishment was hated and figures of authority treated with distrust, the gap between the rich and the poor, had to be bridged through joint decision-making and co-design.

The projects were seen as chains of interventions that stitched the city together.

But also key to Medellín’s transformation was an attitude towards urbanism as a tool for promoting social mobility and equity.

All of this hard work created what is Medellín today with it’s innovation, beauty and amazing people.

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Located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia) Happy Cultura is a life project combining beekeeping, education and environmental protection.

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